Juneau alaska

I just went to Juneau I It is very touristy in the summer lots of jewelry,popcorn and fudge. I did find deckhand dave’s fish tacos here locally owned. The fish is sourced locally so it at its freshest.I oredered the blackened rockfish tacos an order of 3 was $11.99 and they were delicious. They also have salmon and beer battered halibut available. I know tortillas are not quite paleo but you can just eat the inside. I met some locals eating there and asked for other restaurant recommendations and they said this is the only place they think is worth eating at.next I went to rainbow foods a small grocery store with a lot of organic and local health products.I use devils club salve for aches and pain it was used by indigenous people  It can also be used to help heal insect bites,rashes minor cuts and burns.if you want to buy local look for the made in Alaska sticker.Rainbow foods also has a great salad bar get there early they sell out in the early afternoon often.the roasted parsnips were so good. I took this to go and saved it for dinner otherwise I would have gone back for more. Here is the salad I made there was chicken with yams,parsnips,spicy sea salad and a Thai slaw. There was lasagna and pizza but I kept it paleo.There are also many restaurants you can order locally caught fish and just ask for extra vegetables if you don’t want potatoes or rice.

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