Bite of Seattle 

I went for a walk on Friday not realizing this event was taking place. I took a few pictures and stopped at a few booths plan on coming back on Saturday when I have more time to take better pictures. That did not happen although I did return on Saturday it was very crowded so really pictures were not possible just to sea of people. So this is what I got on Friday not the best but I’ll share them anyway. They were many local businesses and food carts. There’s also a beer garden and live music.  My favorite gluten-free bakery was there nuflours. I had a Paleo chocolate cake which I forgot to take a picture of. They were giving out lots of samples like this so delicious coconut milk bar. If you like a more low-key experience I advise going there on Friday next year. But if you like a lot of action great people watching Saturday and Sunday really deliver.

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