It takes a village

I originally thought I would try to get all my own food but the weather has definitely not been cooperating. It has rained almost every day? Lucky for me lots of people have been sharing their gardens,catches of fish and deer.i also ate lots of nasturtiums they are peppery and are a great snack on their own or in a salad. Some people just eat the flowers but I also eat the leaves.i was invited to a barbecue where they served deer and Brussels sprouts.i have been eating an egg with sautéed greens almost every morning.All of the main ingredients have been sourced within a mile of my home but I have used olive,coconut oil,salt and pepper. One thing I have noticed is I feel great my lower back and hip sometimes is aching but not this week. Another thing is it is taking most of my day to gather food, even though I’m not physically getting it all.

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