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Hunt and gather day 8-10

I really enjoyed my eggs eating one a day with greens.cooked up some halibut with just a dusting of coconut flour,it really tastes like beer battered halibut is you dip it in homemade tarter sauce. I skipped it this time and it was still good.My friend offered me some cod she cooked with some herbs. It was in plastic wrap I never thought to do that but it was a perfect snack and was great on the is still raining, thimble berries one of my favorites tart and sweet are not responding well. I have never seen so many turn black. An interesting thing about these berries is you can only pick them if they are ripe if not ready they stay on the bush. They are also very delicate I assume that’s why I have never seen them for sale anywhere,and the jam is expensive the few places I have seen it for sale.on the other hand red huckleberries are very plump.My next door neighbor dropped off a cucumber and lettuce she grew. I added dill and chives from my front porch container garden. Really feeling great this is the longest time I can remember not having any lower back pain.

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