Hunt and gather day 11-13

Finally there was a break in the weather. I went clamming with a friend. We started out a little after low tide so did not have much time. But the ones we got were delicious. I cooked them and added a touch of butter no pics I forgot and ate them too quickly.i made crab cakes. Just added chives,salt ,pepper,a little mayo and coconut flour. I normally add onion and celery but I did not have any local so I skipped. Yes the coconut flour was local but it really makes a crispy crab cake.i gathered more eggs a mixture of chicken and duck. Duck eggs are very rich.My friend made some deer in a crockpot with cabbage,carrots and potatoes. I abstained from the root veggies. It was mouth watering. Saved some crab cakes and had them for breakfast with a duck new favorite snack is nestursems they seem to be everywhere. Peppery and I’m guessing low in calories. I have been drinking rain water with a little lemon. Catching it on the roof.a friend pointed out some mint growing wild for my water.One more day I almost can’t believe how time flies and how easy it’s become.

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