Hunt and gather 2 weeks and beyond

I continue to be amazed how easy it was to enjoy getting and making all my own food. While I was not working I can see how our ancestors had time to relax and spend time with family. I did not have tv or internet except for the local library, so I had plenty of time to relax. I also walked almost everywhere. I lost 2 lbs the second week,I did not keep track the 1st week. Now here is the salmon I baked in the oven. Salmon,salt,pepper,onion slices,lemon,dill and olive oil. I realize nobody grew a lemon in Alaska but it really tastes good. This dish gets eaten no matter how much I make or who’s there to eat 15 shrimp with blackened seasoning make your own or I use this one, just make sure there is no msg.ok have to work on photography. Anyway I’m feeling great. On my way to Seattle for work I am going to try to continue eating local while there,hopefully hitting the farmers market and local butcher.

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