Keto paleo

That’s what I’m calling my diet. While I was telling someone about how I was eating they mentionedthat I was doing the perfect keto diet. I said I don’t know I tried that before it could not be possible there’s too much counting with that. Well it turns out the soon as I got home I Peed on one of those strips and it was full on purple so I guess I’m doing keto Paleo or at least that’s what I’m calling it. I lost another pound this week it is been a little bit of a struggle while working to try to eat local but I did go to the grocery and get spinach and some local eggs. I want to Kona and thought I would eat fish and walk on the beach but I was a little mistaken about where I was staying. It look more walkable from a distance anyway put my shoes on and walked along the beach. I did take my shoes off and walked on the grass for some grounding. I have to say this Hilton has some very cushy grass. For a little snack I got some macadamia nuts. Besides that I eat from the PCC which is really great small meals available in there to go section. This is the chicken thigh and coleslaw I added a little extra avocado oil mayonnaise to get a little extra fat. I also made some pork belly and sautéed spinach. My plan is to also stay on my eating time schedule on the matter what so will not be eating on my redeye back to Seattle.

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