Buenos Aires

I visited BA recently.I wasn’t too worried about planning on what to eat since I know they like a lot of grass fed beef and chimichurri sauce which is made up of olive oil and herbs,so I figured I would just add some vegetables. I arrived on Sunday morning si I headed to the market in San Telmo. The sausages looks so good and I really wanted to eat one but I had no Argentine pesos. Apparently it’s hard to change money there is a lot of money changing places but you do need ID and I forgot to bring it with me. Luckily they also have a all week covered market in the area,after asking a few places in almost giving up a shop owner at this artisan delicatessen took pity on me and change my money and allowed me to buy some salami. I went to dinner and ordered some beef with extra chimichurri sauce I ordered the brochette I can have the grill nationals win it and a side salad. They had all along the table so I slathered my salad and meat with it. This restaurant was really dark so it’s hard to take a picture.  I also visited the Recoleta cemetery. Eva Peron is buried there.Casa Rosada and plaza de mayo.I found this by the pound salad bar place where I got a healthy lunch.just an interesting note Argentinians love dulce de leche. Which is really just a sugar caramel sauce they even have an entire store devoted to it at least one. Just a note they take US dollars there they had a big sign on the window. Also I noticed almost every ice cream place had an actual separate list of their dulce de leche flavors. I guess it’s a food group there.

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