Want to lose weight? The less carbs you eat the quicker the weight loss.

I was cutting back on carbs and have been losing weight,after cutting out the little things I thought did not matter much,such as vinager. I was adding it to my water for flavor. Tomatoes still eating them but less. Recently I went to Japan and decided to bring all my own food since I thought that be too many carbs and Japanese cuisine. I did plan on going to the grocery store and adding a few vegetables to my salad.it turns out I forgot to bring money or my wallet. So I ate my salad without any vegetables. That’s avocado cheese and a sausage. The cheese is raw milk cheese I’ve been trying to get a healthier version of cheese and eating at more sparingly. The sausage comes from a local raised pork and no nitrates. Well it works I lost two more pounds in less than a week. I am still going to eat vegetables but I am going to try to cut back on them a bit and be very conservative.

I still need to do some more high intensity exercise. Have been walking everyday.

I also plan to only have one coffee a day.

Down 9 lbs feeling good. Bought this shirt after 5 lb but just got around to taking a pic. Still have to work on photography. I might have to consider makeup after looking at this closeup. But this diet also makes my skin feel so clear. I don’t wear makeup and am only moiserizing with Aragon oil and essential oils diluted into Aragon or coconut oil..

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