What to eat when your trying not to eat in China 

Most Chinese cuisine has questionable carbs and oil’s. So I knew it was going to be a challenge trying to say Keto.so what I did was bring a bunch of cans of pate some greens cheese and salad dressing. I thought I’d also eat some soup while I was there as they have soup and hot tub places we can add your own ingredients so you know pretty much what’s in it. Surprise i’m eating a salad this one has green’s fennel pate and olive oil.  I got some hot pot soup I added spinach, cilantro lotus root,bamboo shoots ,sesame paste , cauliflower  and quail eggs. I also drink a shot of olive oil to make sure I was getting enough fat. I ate this meal 3 times I love it and need to learn how to make it. Then when I was getting down to the bitter end I had to eat a plate of cheese and pate with olive oil on it. I also have a couple drinks of keto salts just because I wasn’t sure if I was getting enough fat or maybe eating too much cheese I was snacking on cheese. Scale says I didn’t lose any weight but I stay the same after five days in China I think that’s going to get it I’ll take it. I bought a crystal bracelet made of apatite while in China supposedly it helps suppress your appetite. It can’t hurt do I thought why not. I like gemstones so any excuse for more. Although really I should be upping my exercise still working on that. 

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