Costa Rica

I’m in cr and planning to be here for a while. Eating will be a challenge. Everything comes with rice,beans and tortillas. Fruit is always a favorite here. Prices for food are also very high,I should have brought some cheese with me. I paid $10 for a piece of goat cheese. Hopefully I will find some more reasonable prices at the farmers market. My friends had a breakfast of carbs.Do not be afraid to bring some snacks to a friends house so you can eat without causing them any inconvenience. I always have some pate in my bag, that and a piece of cheese and I had a great low carb breakfast.i also brought along some ketone supplement to keep on track.I am not going to weigh myself until I get home. Wearing summer cloths will hopefully keep me motivated. I went to Zumba tonight with my friend Christine. My plan to do a workout everyday.

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