Quepos Farmers Market Costa Rica 

I try to eat local, finding it helps with inflammation. I have much less aches and pains. The market starts Friday night, most of the vendors are there but some don’t show up until Saturday morning. They have a great selection of vegetables, fresh herbs and fruits even though I’m not eating any. If your visiting here definitely stop by, there is a lot going on after 8am.Queso fresco is a local cheese. Tastes a lot like fresh mozzarella to me when I add olive oil to it.They had some local dried herbs. I bought peppercorns,Ceylon cinnamon and some pur vanilla.All of these vendors stop in other towns before Quepos so sometimes we don’t get the full selection. One of my favorite stands is run by Mennonites. They sell grass fed butter, goat cheese, yogurt, granola, nuts and incredible baked good. I bought some cheese and butter. Was waiting for them they don’t come until Saturday morning, and can sell out quickly.Some monkeys showed up.I went home and made a salad with my haul.

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