What I have eaten in Costa Rica 

Even though I’m bout to eat less salads that’s basically all I mean since I’ve been here. This is the low season in Costa Rica and a lot of restaurants were closed but her opening now since November 1st.So I plan I’m going out to eat this week and I have some tips on traveling in Costa Rica and eating out. Another reason for my salad I don’t have a stove to cook on. They have homemade sour cream here one of my favorite foods.I made guacamole and dipped cauliflower in it, since I didn’t realize I couldn’t cook it. It has extra sour cream.I made a caprese salad with queso fresco (fresh cheese),tomatoes and basil. Drizzled with a good olive oil and it tastes just like fresh mozzarella.I have just one more serving of greens so I will make a point to eat out this weekend.

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