Workouts I’m doing in Manual Antonio Costa Rica 

I have been trying to exercise at least twice a day while I’m here. The rain made it hard the first couple days but I walk to the beach almost every other day since. It’s probably just a little bit longer than a mile from here or I should say where I am at the top of the hill.It takes about 50 minutes round-trip. The one day I was in a rush and I did it in 40 it is all uphill except for one little spot of course the spot where I took a picture, so you have to trust me it’s pretty steep. This was the first day it wasn’t raining so much still a little cloudy but every other day has been pretty sunny my block down there so I haven’t been able to spend much time because it’s way too much sun for me. I’m just starting to get a slight base tan. I also haven’t been caring my phone because I’ve been wearing shorts and I don’t really have a spot for my phone so that’s why there’s no sunny pictures. Anyway I’ve also been going to yoga and Pilates at the Spa Holis. The classes are great and the studio is really nice.They also do manicures pedicures and massages. I’ve also kept busy walking my friends dog Colita.I even help my friend Susan with a little yardwork.Across from the Spa Holis still in the same complex there is a gym where I took a Zumba class. You can also get day or week passes there if you want to use the gym. There are a lot of options if your here on vacation.

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