Cafe Milagro Manuel Antonio 

It was the low season and very rainy while I was in Costa Rica. When I first arrived many restaurants were closed. October is when most people take there vacation. Luckily Cafe Milagro was open during my visit. They have great food,coffee and live music every night, so there are people there even in the rain. I ordered the beef tenderloin it comes with herb butter, roasted pumpkin and hearts of palm. I oredered it twice but really wanted to try the fish and pork but they came with some higher carb sides. I asked and they accommodated me with a side salad with the pork tenderloin.I had the fish and forgot to take a picture it was delicious. The drinks looked great but of course I’m still abstaining. I hope to go back and have a coconut mojito Or one of their craft beers they had one with coffee in it. It’s also great place to have breakfast and coffee as it has really comfortable atmosphere.They have many choices of coffee I really enjoyed the UNO. I brought some home and plan to get a French press so I can drink it exactly as it was.

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