More things to eat in Costa Rica 

I stopped by the Falafel Bar in Manuel Antonio and order the chicken shawarma. It was great you get the chicken, hummus and fried potatoes like my great aunt used to make, I only ate 1 and a half pieces really but wanted them all. Those of you eating carbs can enjoy these. Then you put the salad on your plate whatever you want and they have many choices plus tahini. I put tahini on everything.Its really comfortable, the tables are set up for bigger groups or meeting new people. They also serve some cocktails. There was only a few customers there because I ate around 4:30 pm. I picked up a cacao fruit when I was at the market. This is where chocolate comes from the seeds the dark part or what you dry and then ground with vanilla and sugar to make chocolate you can eat the pulp around the seeds, the white part. It has a sweet and interesting taste. I only ate a little because of course and I forgot I wasn’t eating fruit.I visited my friends Margie and Dave in Escazu outside of San Jose. Margie made me a Perfect Keto meal. Fish with roasted vegatables in Alfredo sauce. I will be making this myself soon.

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