A few more tips for Costa Rica

First of all let me just start by saying there is good reason the Red Cross and other organizations ask for cash donations as opposed to your closet clean out. I sorted through bags and bags of clothes. We had to discard stained,ripped and moldy clothes. My favorite thing was what I thought could be an ice skating outfit. Unfortunately I was alone, and need to get a selfie stick, so you cannot see the skirt or how shiny the sequins really are.If you lose your luggage or forget something you could always go to a ropa americana. Basically use clothing store, they are everywhere. The only thing is you have to obviously wash the clothes. If you’re in the San Jose area another place to go is Aliss. I would describe it as a cross between H&M and IKEA. They had a great selection of inexpensive clothes between 15 and $25 full price. In case you need any glassware on your trip. They had a great selection. I really want to bring some home but knew I didn’t read it so they stay there.One last picture of keep us before I leave. Be back home soon. Looking forward to a myself to see exactly how much I lost. But either way eating right and working out I feel really great.

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