Good to be back home

I travel for work but at least I’m getting paid while I do it. I have to say sometimes when I go on vacation the plane ride seems like forever. And flying into LAX does not help a lot of bus rides and walking. Now I know why people say they try to avoid LAX if they can. Anyway it’s going to be at home and I weighed myself this morning and I’m down 3 pounds. Overall 12 pounds. So I said I was gonna buy myself something grander each 5 pounds I lost. I anticipated that I would lose this weight and my gift is waiting for me when I got home. This little amethyst pendant on a gold necklace. I had a gold necklace when I was a kid it broke about 20 years ago and I never got another one so here I am I have one now. I said this before luckily not that many people are looking at this but yeah maybe I do need to start wearing make up. So this is going to be a travel tip and one of the best reasons to lose weight. EMERGENCY BLACK YOGA PANTS. I always try to bring emergency black yoga pants with me. Make sure the plane with no logos on the legs. Where do you get them from Lululemon or Costco or goodwill. You can use them for



Working out


I forgot to pack pants but luckily I had my emergency black yoga pants and I’ve lost weight. This picture is not the best but I was able to wear them out in Alaska. 4there’s really no significance for this picture. Still no make up,maybe the lighting was better,dark. Well I’m going out to drink water with my friends they’ll probably be drinking alcohol but I’ve got 12 more pounds to lose.

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