Cheese in Paris

I love cheese l know it’s not paleo but it’s Keto. As long as your losing weight I say eat it because everything pretty much tastes better with cheese. I do try to buy raw milk or grass fed milk cheese. I’m in Paris here at the Grand Epicurean, the Bon Marches grocery. The prices are higher here so if your looking for something special try here. The quality is high and it’s beautiful.Street markets are also fun to shop at. Prices for the same cheeses were less here and the food is displayed nice as well. I’m here at the end of the market so most of the vendors have packed up. The same cheese was even less at the Monoprix which is the regular grocery, so I recommend just purchasing it there.if your having a pice fix meal, cheese is usually offered as dessert which is perfect for keeping on Keto diet. I had this one night.There are great deals to be had right now the Whole Foods near me in Seattle is having 50% off a different cheese for the next 2 weeks. Hopefully it’s nationwide. Check it out.

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