Leon de Bruxelles restaurant

I love mussels. Leon de bruxelles a chain in Paris is a great place to eat them. They have about 8 choices for the broth. This is the Leon shallots, celery, creme fraiche and white wine. They have a great deal for lunch. Mussels, salad and fries for 12.99 euro. It’s 2 euro more at the Champs de Elysees location. I did not eat the fries, they are in the picture because I forgot to ask for a bigger salad. When I came home I tried to make them.Let me just start by saying I have made these in the past but on the east coast. Now I’m in Seattle so I’m not sure why these Pacific Ocean mussels are so big or if it’s just the ones I bought. In the past I have bought Maine mussels. I’m not sure if this looks as unappealing as it was in person. Anyway I plan on sharing a recipe as soon as I make something that tastes and looks good.

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