These are really easy to make. I used pork rinds for the chips. I made another batch with ground beef that’s even more delicious I’m going to share a recipe for that if I can figure out how to use this recipe maker that I installed but don’t know how to use. I’ll share the pictures right now though in case I never figure it out.I used these pork rinds but any will do. I found this cheddar at grocery outlet, my favorite store for bargains that I talk about another time.I have also discovered that it is better to display your food in white dishes. That’s why I made that second batch of nachos for the first picture in my new, or should I say previously owned dishes from Goodwill. I bought two baking dishes for two dollars each at the Goodwill. I was also on the lookout for a couple of white dishes but in less you want to buy 10 I’m going to have to keep looking. Anyway that’s why there are distracting blue dishes in this recipe. I guess it’s pretty self-explanatory I laid out the chips I put on about half a cup of cheddar cheese and some ground beef. Then put it in the oven to melt. I like to make just one serving of things because if I don’t then I’ll eat two or three servings. Then I added sour cream guacamole and fresh cilantro and jalapeños.You might need a spoon to get everything. I also made the guacamole.1 small avocado

1 shallot

5 cherry tomatoes

Cilantro chopped

Lime juice



You could’ve quest to use garlic instead of shallots but I prefer shallots. You could also put some onion in there or whatever you like.

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