Kona coffee

I’m not a coffee connoisseur but I know what I like. Not only is Kona Joes Coffee https://www.konajoe.com just south of Kona on the big island of Hawaii the most beautiful coffee shop I have ever been too the coffee was great. You can see the ocean, but the clouds started coming inJoes Coffee also offers tours. The coffee is growing right below us and the roasters are visible from where you order your coffee. The smell is amazing. I did not go on a tour as my friend owns café Milagro in Costa Rica, which has a coffee roaster that you can visit every day for free in Quepos. I have also picked coffee myself I’m going to look for that picture and insert it in here. Picking coffee by the way is a really hard job people do for very low wage in most countries, a fare wage is why your Kona coffee is going to cost more. Here are the coffee beans just growing below. Grass fed beef is abundant on the big Island and many restaurants serve it along with local caught fish and local organic grown vegetables. So it’s easy to eat healthy there. Rebel Kitchen had salads,sandwiches and burgers. I ordered the Thai salad it had organic lettuce and grass fed beef. I had to ask for extra dressing to make it fatty enough for me.

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