Keep it Keto

It’s hard at this time of year to not give into all the temptations at holiday parties. I have been having a bite here and there and it’s stalling my weight loss, so here’s some tips for the rest of the Holidays and beyond.

A charcuterie plate is a great way to get just what you need, to satisfy your hunger. Make one yourself and bring it if you’re not sure there will be high quality Keto options for you. I made this and added a loaf of bread for other guests.Don’t forget to not overeat protein just because it doesn’t have carbs. I sometimes take a swig of olive oil before I go out to get my fat in, it also helps you stay fuller. You can also know it’s pure olive oil.Don’t drink alcohol, and while water is the preferred choice, have some sparkling water with fruit in it. A lime or lemon will make it look like a cocktail. I also like to add flavored vinegar, just watch the carbs. You could also try flavored stevia, I personally don’t care for sweet drinks but others have recommended it.

Wear something tight or slinky to remind yourself to not overeat. I don’t have a picture so I’ll work on it.

Exercise even if you only have a few minutes, you will burn the extra carbs and stay in or get back into Keto faster.

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