Choc zero review

I planned on doing everything I could to lose weight over the holidays. So I thought I would have a few low carb treats on hand. I bought the 92% choc zero ultimate dark. I love dark chocolate.Each piece is individually wrapped which is perfect for on the go. The package description says fair trade (yeah) artisan (love) but unfortunately to me it tastes like chalk. It also has 4 cards per piece, not really worth it. Of course I bought a few bags so maybe if I melt it I can create something better. I did bring a piece to an event to eat in case there were great desserts I could not resist.It was not an issue but with the combination of wearing this coat with fluffy cuffs, because it was cold, I stayed away from the food to not be covered in it and eating my chalky chocolate I wasn’t hungry. Anyway no matter what I did the last few weeks I went in and out of Keto every other day. I’m pretty sure I have it figured out now. My top tips coming soon.

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