Hong Kong

Are usually have trouble finding something to eat in Chinese restaurants besides soup. Hong Kong is easy as they have every type of food easily available at restaurants or supermarkets. There are food courts everywhere. This one is in the lobby of a hotel and has great views of the water.I had Indian 2 dishes for about $11 US. I ordered paneer in tomato and coconut and chicken tika. Honk Kong food courts are very reasonable. The only strange thing about this place is their giant spoons. I have a big mouth and almost couldn’t use it. There is no trick photography here just really big spoons.I’m still not wearing makeup. I did just buy some now I just have to apply. Well at least I was ready for some time in the sun after lunch.Later I walked along the water. The next morning did some sprints. Honk Kong is a great place to walk or run.

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