Keto chocolate ice cream

I’m just going to say this is the most delicious ice cream ever.The only con about this ice cream is it melts fast. Somebody suggested it’s because it’s all cream if you add milk it will freeze better. So I will try it again with some almond milk and see if it freezes better, but I’m not sure anything could taste better.

1 pint cream I use organic

3 egg yolks I used pastured

1/3 C xylitol

3 T cocoa powder I use valrhona

1/2 t vanilla

Heat cream until boiling

Take off heat

Whisk in egg yolks (make sure not to scramble eggs)

Add xylitol, cocoa and vanilla

Let cool for a few hours

Put in your ice cream maker

I really think the chocolate makes all the difference. I bought mine on Amazon. You can start small The if you love it buy the 3 kilo (7 pounds) it has 3 1 kilo bags you can split it up and give it to someone that loves to bake.

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