If your following a Keto or Paleo diet you probably eat bacon. Like cheese bacon makes everything better. I always buy nitrate and sugar free bacon. this is the one I buy. It’s available at whole foods and since Amazon bought it the prices been lowered so that’s great. But any sugar-free one will do and of course nitrate free. Anyway the whole point of this post is that cooking it can be a pain. I hate to cook it in a frying pan and have it all over the place. So I make mine in a baking dish. I just lined the dish with the bacon obviously as pictured. It’s OK if it overlaps a little bit just get the whole package in there. Are usually bake it on 350. But if it’s a little higher that’s OK too. I always make sure I cook two things at a time I don’t know how much energy or money it costs to use an oven but I always feel compelled to cook at least 2 things. If I check on it and it looks like and can be flipped I flip it if not sometimes it just cooks completely on the one side it doesn’t really matter unless you’re particular about your bacon and you want it way super crispy or not that crispy. The best thing about cooking at it this way like I said it’s not messy. I take the bacon out and the next time I want to make a vegetable which is usually five minutes later, I throw it in that baking dish. I cook the vegetables in the oven in the baking dish and a kind cleans up the pan because those vegetables or greens to soak up that fat. I am putting this dis in the refrigerator until I’m ready to use it because all I want to do is put my bacon on my burger.I made a grass fed burger added melted cheese,tomatoes, chipotle mayonnaise and served it on a romaine lettuce bun. And of caddied bacon. I also like to have bacon on hand to add to salads. Almost every salad is better with bacon on it.

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