Buttercream frosting fat bombs

Finally I found a dessert that’s easy to make and delicious. Plus I finally know why there are so many fat bomb recipes. They help keep you in ketosis,I noticed. I am on a push to lose 5 pounds, so I will be eating as strictly as possible and noting my weight. I will try to take pictures of my food also. It makes me make better decisions. I took the recipe from here of course if I knew how to do a link I would.So I looked it up and that’s about half a cup of cream cheese and butter so equal parts so you can make as much or little as you want I made less. I of course did not have powdered substitute sugar so I use the regular because I was too lazy to get out my blender to powder it. But what I did do was try to melt in the vanilla and then I melted some of the butter and mix it in there so it wouldn’t be as course and then I left the butter cool too it’s room temperature. And I noticed by doing that it was definitely a lot less gritty so the next time I think I’m actually going to look online for powdered erythritol.

I also used choc zero as my chocolate coating. I don’t care for it plain but just a little with my frosting tasted good. I plan to experiment with some different frosting recipes and chocolates.

I found the silicon candy molds for $1 at the goodwill. You don’t need them you can use parchment paper but they are fun and make your treats look incredible.

Here’s my step by step

Mix room temp butter, cream cheese, erythritol and vanilla.

Next I melted the chocolate in the microwave just for a minute. Then I spooned a little into a candy mold and legit harden.Then scoop the frosting on top of that. I cleaned the extra off with a knife.

Put in the refrigerator or freezer for at least an hour then eat. They melt fast so eat them or put them back in your refrigerator.

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