Strict Keto update

It’s been a little more than a week and of course I have forgotten to take pictures of everything. I have been strict with my food choices and have fasted intermittently, including 1 entire day of fasting. I also added mct oil to my daily intake. It ihas payed off, I am down 2 pounds and will continue next week. Hopefully I will take more pictures and share what I eat in a day.

I ate a version of this salad daily. The pics are before and after dressing. I made homemade blue cheese dressing it is so good. In case you’re wondering the pink vegetable is rainbow radish, I love them. There is also






I made this Vietnamese simmer sauce. All I had to do was sautée mushrooms in oil add chicken then the sauce. I served it over cauliflower rice. I froze half for an even quicker meal at another time.

I made a grass fed burger and ate it with bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise,cheese and some lettuce.

l snacked on restart which is paleo, Keto and vegan. It’s basically a ball of coconut oil, seeds and nuts. I will do a full review after I have sampled all the flavors.

I snacked on more buttercream frosting balls.

I also drank a lot of water

One glass of sparkling water a day

And a drink with added ketones every day, although I only used half the serving suggestion.

Will keep it up for the next week and let you know my results.

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