Week 2 P90X

I’m on week two and feeling stronger but haven’t noticed any changes. That’s not much of a surprise since in the past when I’ve done these workouts it really takes a month to start noticing changes. I also still don’t have a scale but I have identified the problem it needs a new battery. I have purchased a battery but need to install. I am hoping to install them soon. But I just got back from training and that was exhausting more mentally than physically. I will be working nine days in a row without a day off so I’m not sure when the battery is getting installed. I am shooting for next week to maybe weigh myself and see if some changes happened. My clothes are still fitting the same so no rush. Here’s some things I have been eating.

An elk meatball in marinara sauce.salad with grilled shrimp, crab and blackened king salmon.smoked chicken wings. Always good lots of skin on a wing.I was in Salt Lake City and went to Harmon’s grocery store. They had a large salad bar and I’m sure anyone could find something there.They also had a large selection of my favorite cured pork products Cremnelli.here’s the view from their dining area. I also visited the Whole Foods in Salt Lake City which always has something good at the salad and hot bar but forgot pictures although I did find and photograph this low carb cake. It was so delicious.It claims 2 net cards per piece not the best since they are small but great if you really want a treat, and if I baked a cake I would eat way more.

That’s it for this week. One thing to note I’m sleeping great after these workouts.

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