Egg fast day 5

I did it. A friend invited me for dinner but I resisted. I have a blog about 5 people read I need to finish this. Plus I really like eating eggs. So for starters I made my coffee, today I added cocoa powder. I use valrhona it’s so rich and delicious. You can buy it on Amazon. The only place I have ever seen it for sale was New York. By the way don’t think you can go to a bulk store in Paris and buy 7 pounds to save money,the cost is the same on Amazon and they deliver. Try a small amount then when you love it go for the 7 pound/3 kilo and just split it with people you care about. I gave some to my mom. Anyway blending it in the blender made it such a good mocha.

Next over easy eggs. Yes I’m in a rut.I did flip them but wanted to show how orange the yolk were. These the eggs I have been eating.Then I had to go to work so I brought my 7 egg salad with me.

avocado oil mayonnaise 1 Tablespoon per egg



Add paprika and mustard if you like the devil egg taste Maybe that was too close. I will be home tomorrow so I guess there will be a day 6 since I cannot weigh myself until I get home.

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