Keto Brick dupe

Having lost 5 pounds with the egg fast I decided to keep on a strict Keto diet. I never counted my macros before. I used the calculator from Keto Savage website. I used my fitness pal to track it. I lost 2 pounds this week. So I’m at 7 pounds lost total.

I did not realize how much protein I was eating. With the app it’s so easy just eat until you have to fill in for me it’s fat I’m lacking by the end of the day. So I need some fat bombs. I have been following Keto Savage on you tube for a few weeks and they convinced me to count my food and I’m happy so far. They are making a fat bomb called the Keto Brick and I have been patiently waiting for them to produce more. They did but I missed out. So I decided to make my own. I’m not sure about the exact ratios of course but I got my batch to

Calories 1055

Fat 117

Protein 11

Carbohydrates 7

Here’s what I used. I left out the flaxseeds because I was too lazy to grind them. The cocoa I used was valrhona it comes in kilo bags so I put it an old jar just to make it easy to use.I divided it into 9 molds to make the servings smaller.Here’s my hand and a Keto Cup to get an idea of the size.I’m going to bring them to work tomorrow. I’m flying to Amsterdam so these will be perfect for some extra fat. I’m still looking forward to tasting the Keto savages brick.

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