Day 6 eating out of my pantry

I did not plan this so the only fresh vegetables I have left is half a shallot. I’m saving it in case I need it later. I also decided I would not buy anything this month. The only exception will be coffee black or water. Anyway here’s what I ate today.

Bulletproof coffee. I can’t wait to have less stuff on my counter.Some vegetables olives and artichoke hearts, and yes those are very small artichoke hearts.I made hamburgers with half a Keto bun that’s been in my freezer for a year, topped with mayonnaise and salsa. Pickles on the side, I have about 6 jars so there will be a lot of pickles.Then I had a coffee Another burger with the other half of the bun. Spoiler alert when you live alone anything you make is going to be 3 to 4 meals.And for a snack half a keto barIf I wasn’t lazy I would rotate this pic but anyway that’s it for today.

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