Day 18 eating still haven’t bought any food.

I’m looking for a shorter title this isn’t it. Anyway not sure if I mentioned this before but I think I might have to make it 2 months. I barely have made a dent. So I had coffee did get to trough out an empty bottle of mct oil. That was exciting I’m going to be using coconut oil going forward.

For lunch I made an Italian sausage soup. I added bone broth and tomatoes. It’s not much to look at but it tasted good.Then for a snack I had a small can of pate and some kale crackers with cream cheeand red pepper tapenade.The past few days I have been eating cornbread with just about everything.That ended yesterday it was good while it lasted. Then a couple because I cannot have just one homemade Keto chocolate almond butter cups.They are a messy version I forgot to let the bottom layer cool.

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