Day 24 eating Keto out of my pantry

I’m starting to see space in my kitchen. I’m also starting to have to think about making some more interesting meals as I am runout of the easy things. I have a boneless pork butt defrosting in my refrigerator. I’m amazed I still have eggs. I started with 2 dozen and still have 9. I think I will eat them sooner than later since they are a month old. I also started with 3 pieces of cheese which I thought would last a week but I still have cheese.

As usual I had coffee today I added butter rum extract,subtle but good. Then I had eggs salami and artichoke hearts. I might have to do another month to not make such lazy meals.Then I ate a can of hearts of palm. It was the pieces they are cheaper but the whole ones are more satisfying so I would recommend the stalks.Later I had more salami, cheese, artichoke hearts and some olives.The cheese is crumbling because I froze it. I also ate some unphotogenic beef jerky.

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