Day 26 and 27 eating out of my pantry

Finally I am making a dent and have to cook something. I’m going to have to consider continuing this another month. I made Keto bread and some brownies figured I need to use the eggs.I forgot to take a picture of the cooked bread because I immediately stuffed my mouth with it. I also made some pulled pork in my insta pot which I used for the 1st time. Luckily I live in a building with full service concierge, as I needed mine to turn it on. I was afraid of the pressure cooker part. Anyway it worked no explosions and the pork came out moist. I served it with my bread and some of the green beans I made last summer. My last jar.Then I had a snack of pate on pork rinds.The bread also made a great sandwich with salami and mayonnaise and of course more pickles since I still have 4 more jars.The brownie package says 16 servings but they lie.I’m staying at my friends house in Tacoma but brought some snacks. I did eat some of her broccoli. I guess I’m a cheater but at this point fresh vegetables are irresistible.Beautiful day in Tacoma.

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