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Day 30 eating Keto out of my pantry

I finished the rest of my pulled pork and Keto bread.Made soup from the cooking liquid. I did cook it in chicken stock so I just added more stock, after taking the fat off the top. I also made some fettuccine carbonara with my last egg and miracle noodles. I have heard mixed reviews of the noodles but I liked them.To recap on the month.


De clutter my pantry. Accomplished. I still have more to eat or give away but it’s at least more manageable. I am going to continue to use what I have and add some fresh vegetables.

Lose weight. Down 2 pounds. I thought with less choices and cheese that would happen easily but not so much. I did start going to CrossFit regularly so maybe I am gaining muscle.

Save money. Definitely a success. I did buy some food on a couple of international destinations because of customs you cannot bring food. I bought a jump rope for CrossFit and finally some tampons, maybe tmi but seriously I tried not to buy anything.

Next up the trainer at the gym told me to try eating 3 to 4 meals a day with protein, vegetables and some carbs. Glad I did not de clutter a bag of brown rice. I’m going to do 30 days and see what happens.

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