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Imperfect produce review

I love the premise extra supply and unattractive produce that is not pretty enough for people’s idealized ideas of what fruits and vegetables look like. Not perfect especially if they are not genetically modified. They also come right to your door which is especially handy if you don’t have a car or time. They also have a nice selection at least in my area which is Seattle.

This was my last orderI Then went to Trader Joe’s and recreated the same order. I did forget to buy a mustard and I bought the tomatoes at the grocery outlet I noticed they were the same brand and size so it seemed obvious. I also bought organic avocados and onions as well. The only difference was the fennel is not organic. The avocados are much bigger and so is the fennel is much bigger and there are 2. Also there are more artichokes although one is quite small. The price $11.94. So even if we add $3 for the mustard that’s $14.94 for more food. With the delivery charge it’s much closer but it is still less food so even if you have a big order for a family you will still come out behind if your looking just at the money. The convenience may be worth it especially if you know what you want and you buy heavy things like potatoes delivered.

You can see how much farther away I had to take the second picture to fit it all in.

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