Trying food delivery service.

I decided Keto was not working for me. Too much time calculating. It worked but only if I hit my macros perfectly. It’s hard to do when your traveling and my kitchen scale stopped works so time to try something new.

I wanted to go back to paleo. One because it worked for me before and two everybody says if all else fails cut out dairy. Really what is the point of doing Keto if you can’t eat cream and cheese. None I say.

I looked into so many plans online but decided to try a local establishment Pioneer Square cafe. They offered a 3 week program called the spring reset even though its summer. Anyway it includes 3 meals snacks and teas everyday. All food is organic, gluten free, dairy free, mostly local and delivered twice a week. They also ask you what you don’t want in your food. That is great because I don’t like garlic. So anything your allergic to or dislike they will omit. They also told me to tell them about the meals I liked and didn’t, so they could make me what I like. Great customer service.

I was looking least forward to the breakfast but actually turned out to be my favorite every one has been different. Here’s some examples.Eggs, cinnamon apples with sweet potato dip and chocolate chia pudding.

Lunches and dinners are similar.Sausage with cauliflower rice, chicken with salsa, turkey meatballs with roasted vegetables and chicken and blueberry salad.

The snacks are homemade protein balls. They taste a little like Lara bars. They do not add sugar so everything is sweetened with fruit.It has been 2 weeks and I just weighed myself for the first time. Lost 4 pounds but also feel great. Will update next week.

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