Trifecta food delivery review

I thought I would try some options that deliver to everyone in the United States. Trifecta is supposedly the largest paleo food delivery service. They also offer Keto, vegetarian and vegan meals. I ordered 15 meals for the week 5 each of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It cost $215 and is delivered fresh. The calories are about 350 per meal, it feels like more they are really filling.Here is how it can packaged the ice blocks were still solid. I love the packaging as you can see you can stack them easily. You can microwave them in the package so it’s easy to take to work. I prefer the oven or a frying pan myself.This mahi-mahi was delicious. I also had a salmon dish that was incredible and I eat a lot of fresh salmon so I’m picky.This Kung pao chicken was not my favorite. Cold out of the package was torture. My job doesn’t always give me access to a way to heat things. Later I tried it hot and it wasn’t much better.The top picture is the breakfast in its package. I’m a fan it’s really east to carry around even upside down. They use great ingredients organic, grass fed and wild caught fish. I did not lose any weight this week but I also pulled a muscle in my leg and barely moved for most of the week. I could not even walk for the first 3 days. So I’m ok with that. I’m sure if I moved I would have lost a pound.

When I ordered I was expecting a variety of meals but received 5 of the same breakfast and doubles of the other meals. So I wasn’t thrilled. I also do not like having to sign up for a subscription and then cancel. How do I know I want a subscription if I have not even tried it. Plus I travel and need to be home when it arrives. When I did call to cancel they asked why and I told them above reasons. They informed me they had been a mistake and they are supposed to be 15 different meals. So the good news if you order you should get different meals. They refunded some of my money and asked me to try again. Which I’m planning to do in the future. Even though the meals were hit and miss.

I will give it another chance when it works in my schedule. As I did like the low calories, packaging, food ingredients and customer service.

Next week I’m trying another paleo food delivery.

Pros of this food service

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