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Pete’s Paleo meal delivery review

On their website the claim to send fine dining to your cave. I agree the meal choices are interesting and diverse. I ordered the straight up paleo choice of 10 meals. You can customize more by asking for no pork,Keto, AIP friendly or low FODMAP. You can also order individual meals, such as fennel sage turkey breast with squash and spinach or steak with bell peppers over quinoa. They have many choices.

There is a list of the dishes for each week. Ok so there was probably a better way to insert that. Anyway this is next weeks choices. Here’s some of what I received.Korean beef with book choy and sweet potatoes. Chipotle chicken thighs with sautéed greens and apricot glazed beets. Fennel pollen braised beef with peppers and carrots. These meals are healthy and gourmet. I love the packaging.Here is a few stacked. You can heat them in the microwave. Or take them out of the package and heat on stovetop in a pan or in the oven. These meals pass my most important test eating them cold. I will say I don’t care for everything cold so pick strategically. This tenderloin au pointe with roasted broccoli and sweet potato was delicious cold.

As if I have to say it again I liked this a lot and will order again.

I’m going to Alaska next so I will let you all know what I do to stick to my diet.

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