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Summer in Alaska

I went to Prince of Whales island for vacation and volunteered at The by the Sea Arts & Seafood Festival in Coffman Cove. That’s a mouthful. Anyway for got to take as many pictures as one should if they have a blog about food. I’m working on it.

For starters I ate a lot of salmon smoked and sautéed.Halibut baked and in cerviche.I had shrimp.At the festival I could not stop eating Tommaso Shellfish oysters.The festival had lots of food I ate bbq ribs and fish tacos. Picked lots of berries.Went to the lake and swam. I think global warming is real. Kayaking was beautiful.I also made paleo banana bread so good.Here’s my kitty Poppysead. Just because he is so cute.I’m going to Costa Rica next week for 3 weeks. I have maintained my 9 pound weight loss now I’m planning on losing 5 more.

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