Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

I flew down to San Jose Costa Rica from Los Angeles. The Delta flight I took gets in early in the morning. It’s easy to book a shuttle for about $50 to take you to the beach and drop you at your hotel.

I went to my favorite restaurant and coffee shop Cafe Milagro and was excited to see they have kombucha.Then I took a nap in this hammock.I plan to eat fish,fruit and vegetables while I’m here. So I went out and had fish with a salad and forgot to take a picture but as a consolation I’m overdressed for the bus stop.The next night I went with friends to karaoke at the banana club. We danced enough to call it exercise.The next morning I walked to the farmers market. It’s very hot,humid and hilly here so it’s a workout. I stocked up on fruits and vegetables. Passion fruit.Strawberries that tasted amazing.Coconut water and vegetables.This is from a palm it’s very rich and calorie dense. You need to boil it. Here it’s being sold ready to eat.I have been going to yoga every morning.I have also walked to the beach every morning with my friend Adrianne.More to come I’m here for almost a month.

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