Foraging in Costa Rica

Most of this is taking place in friends backyards. It’s the perfect way to eat what’s in season. Fruit is the most selection but there are vegetables and spices too. First I picked one of my favorites rambutan.It’s a great garnish for homemade moonshine.Made with young coconut water.Limes and star fruit.I don’t know what these flowers are called but my friend say they are high in protein and add flavor to stir fries.Of course bananas and plantains are available all year,these are purple bananas.Pineapple.

I cut some sugarcane. You can peel it and suck the juice out as I did or you can pass it through a machine to get pure cane juice. That makes the best mojitos. You can also evaporate the water out and have sugar.I picked pepper it turns black in a few days if you dry it.ylang ylang rows on trees. You can bring it into your house for a natural perfume.Pretty flowers and plants grow everywhere.I am going to an organic farmers market next week. Been doing yoga and walking everyday.

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