I just visited there is so much to do and see. Great architecture,miles of shopping on Michigan avenue and the lake is a great place to go for a run.i went to the Whole Foods for a salad the downtown location is huge the biggest I’ve visited.the salad bar.if your wondering if I eat anything… Continue reading Chicago¬†

Crab cake Salad

I’m eating greens at every meal so eating a salad everyday is just easy. Here’s my favorite either enjoy it at home or take it to go.crabcakes,spinach,avocado,olive oil,salt and pepper. Of course you can add more vegatable sim just trying to keep it as low carb as I can for weight loss.

Keto paleo

That’s what I’m calling my diet. While I was telling someone about how I was eating they mentionedthat I was doing the perfect keto diet. I said I don’t know I tried that before it could not be possible there’s too much counting with that. Well it turns out the soon as I got home… Continue reading Keto paleo