Day 4 hunt and gather 

I ate my leftover deer burger it was just as good as the day before.I also had a piece of cod. This is not the piece I ate as I scarfed that down before I took a picture. But it’s the same cod.I don’t have a scale but hopefully some weight will be lost.

Recycling jars

If you need a way to carry food that might leak use an empty jar.You have the option to bring it back home or throw it out. I had leftover fish.It is under those lemon slices. Then I layered it with some greens I picked from my apartments fooftop garden.There was room for more vegetables… Continue reading Recycling jars

Juneau alaska

I just went to Juneau I It is very touristy in the summer lots of jewelry,popcorn and fudge. I did find deckhand dave’s fish tacos here locally owned. The fish is sourced locally so it at its freshest.I oredered the blackened rockfish tacos an order of 3 was $11.99 and they were delicious. They also have… Continue reading Juneau alaska